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Social Inclusion Talent Platform


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IS v1.2 Hea-1


Our Social Inclusion Talent Platform enables infrastructure projects to hire from many different disadvantaged organisations (eg Indigenous providers, local jobseekers, disability providers, refugee organisations) through a single technology solution. The platform manages candidate intake, selection for training programs and job matching for all social inclusion groups. This technology solution enables four distinct stakeholder groups to communicate through a single platform;

1. Referring Diverse Supplier Organisations (such as Indigenous employment organisations, Refugee Settlement organisations, Disability employment providers, TAFE’s, Universities, Schools,)
2. Candidates for training and employment programs
3. Internal Workforce Capability/HR/Recruitment/D&I staff (Admin – Back end)
4. Other external organisations (contractors & subcontractors)

Key benefits of the platform include;
1) Providing an aggregated view of diverse talent referred from a large range of Indigenous, Refugee, Disability and other diverse providers
2) Raising the visibility of diverse cohorts through the automation of CV job matching to jobs and training available across a project
3) Reporting provides details of where candidates come from and key D&I hiring metrics and outcomes

Sustainability Outcomes

Using the Social Inclusion Talent Platform to manage all training and recruitment of social inclusion groups can help your project achieve the ISv2.0 Workforce Sustainability category and Sustainable Procurement category. In the ISv.12 category using the platform could help your project achieve the Procurement and Purchasing as well as the Innovation category.