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Soil recycling, remediation and amelioration services


  • Product Type Waste Management and Recycling
  • Regions Australia, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria



  • Company Name SoilCyclers Pty Ltd
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Lan-2 , Lan-3 , Was-2


SoilCyclers Pty Ltd (previously Brisbane Screening) was set up in February 2009. We’re a family owned and operated business based in Brisbane but working on construction, waste and mining sites across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the ACT and the Northern Territory.

Our goal is to make onsite recycling ‘business as usual’ for our clients by providing innovative, cost-effective, planet-saving solutions to reduce the use of virgin resources, avoid the risk of importing contamination to sites and transform onsite waste into reusable materials.

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We own and operate some of the largest road-registered mobile trommel screens available for general hire in Australia. Each year, we can recycle almost half a million cubic metres of soil, making us one of the largest soil recyclers in Queensland. Our team works with a range of large clients from major construction companies to councils, state government, developers, mine sites and waste management businesses on jobs anywhere from 400m3 to 400,000m3+.

SoilCyclers has mobile environmental permits allowing us to screen, ameliorate, remediate and compost temporarily on any site in Queensland without delay. For interstate projects, we obtain permits as needed or utilise existing permits on our client’s sites. Our new Doppstadt trommel screens are quiet enough to operate in metropolitan areas, creating less dust than most trucks. We use specialist misting cannons for sensitive sites and contaminated soil projects. We have full health, safety and environmental policies, work methods statements and fully maintained machinery suitable for large infrastructure projects and mining sites.

Some of the services we offer:

Geotechnical soil amendments
Using the same process we use for mobile topsoil amelioration, SoilCyclers can offer geotechnical soil amendments to turn site fill material into MRTS04 compliant Class A1 fill material.

Onsite composting
SoilCyclers has recently been issued with Queensland’s first ever mobile and temporary ERA53 composting permit. This means we can work with you to turn green waste stripped from the clearing of the site into MRTS16 compliant soil conditioner for much less the cost of imported compost.

Onsite topsoil amelioration
Amelioration of large quantities of varying quality ‘unsuitable’ site soils to create MRTS16, AS4419 and R178 compliant topsoil has been our core business for more than ten years. We have excellent quality control processes in place to create great project outcomes and generate cost savings for our clients through onsite recycling. We can create ameliorated topsoils that require less watering and have the long-term ‘fuel tank’ necessary to ensure long-term sustainability of rehabilitated landscapes. SoilCyclers onsite recycling service also offers opportunities to reduce the use of virgin quarried resources as part of the project construction.

Mobile remediation services
We can also provide onsite remediation services to reduce the amount of waste you need to pay to dispose of offsite, or reduce the classification of the waste you are disposing of to decrease disposal costs. In some cases, we can remediate contamination such as PFAS contaminated soils, acid sulphate soils and some asbestos contaminated soils to allow them to be safely reused instead of disposed of.

Sustainability Outcomes

Environmental benefits
Working with SoilCyclers to repurpose existing site materials into specification materials for reuse on the project means less trucks on local roads carting around materials, less carbon emissions, less waste disposed of offsite and less use of natural resources.

SoilCyclers can support your project to meet the requirements of the following categories/credits:

ISv1.2 L3 Lan-2- SoilCyclers can help you improve soil productivity through our soil amendment, composting, amelioration and remediation services.

Resource Efficiency
ISv1.2 Lan-3 & ISv2.0 Rso-2, Rso-3 – Soilcyclers can support your project in remediation of contaminated soil and management of Acid Sulfate Soils found on site.

Resource recovery
ISv1.2 Was-2 & ISv2.0 Rso-4 – Our onsite soil remediation service can reduce the amount of waste you need to dispose of offsite. In addition, SoilCyclers has recently been issued with Queensland’s first ever mobile and temporary ERA53 composting permit. This means we can work with you to turn green waste stripped from the clearing of the site into MRTS16 compliant soil conditioner for a fraction of the price of imported compost.

Energy and Carbon
ISv2.0 Ene-1- Projects with large emissions associated with waste carting may be able to claim scope 3 emissions savings as a result of using our mobile remediation and onsite composting services.

Reduced risk
SoilCyclers has a well-developed system for tracking and reporting to our clients on quantities produced, and validation test results received. Our entire recycling process is based on testing existing site materials, undertaking amelioration recommendations from a qualified soil scientist to get the material to the required specification, accurately blending materials, and providing independent validation testing so you have certification for all materials being used. We know our numbers, and our business model is focussed on creating the best outcomes for our construction client projects rather than waste disposal. We are also good communicators with enough knowledge to identify potential issues early and familiarity working in a collaborative contracting environment.