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B & K Revegetation & Landscaping is a pioneering force in promoting sustainable
revegetation practices, with a strong partnership with Vital Chemicals. Since 1983, they have been a trusted
revegetation partner for mining companies, Councils, developers, and tier 1 Contractors, focusing on
encouraging biodiversity, re-establishing native ecosystems, and minimizing environmental impact. Their
experienced team excels in advanced techniques for civil construction projects, mine site rehabilitation, and
construction site remediation, offering long-term, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable revegetation

With a proven track record of successfully delivering millions of square meters of revegetation works across
NSW, including large civil infrastructure projects, B & K stands out as the go-to contractor for expertise,
capacity, and experience in the field. Their in-house capabilities cover a wide range of services, from soil
testing and erosion control to carbon offset tree planting, supported by over 150 specialized revegetation plant
and machinery. Their commitment to safety is paramount, evident through a dedicated safety team, advanced
in-house software, and an exceptional HSEQ culture, ensuring safe project delivery in the construction and
mining industries.

B & K Revegetation & Landscaping’s unwavering dedication to sustainability, expertise, and safety cements
their position as a leading revegetation contractor in Australia. Their partnership with Vital Chemicals further
reinforces their pioneering role in driving a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to revegetation