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We are a significant economics consultancy with a strong history in Australia and Asia.

For over 20 years, we have been helping companies with their biggest challenges – market strategies, regulatory reviews, competition inquiries. We help governments design innovative policies and regulatory systems. Economics is everywhere and the economist’s toolkit is large. Our work has breadth – we cover more than the costs of supply, movements in demand, pricing and competitive dynamics. We are also experts in finance, statistical modelling, game theory, market research and implementing reform agendas. Our work ranges widely, from assessing the value of research and development to supporting mergers and transactions, and across sectors that vary from grain handling to telecommunications.

Making an impact for clients means understanding their circumstances and critical issues. We base our advice on strong economic frameworks and pride ourselves on our empirical work, generating results that can withstand even the closest scrutiny. The methods and models we use are often complex but our advice is always succinct, clear, honest and reliable.

We take our social impact seriously, supporting our staff and community.

Our values – independence, economic rigour and a collegiate workplace – motivate us to work in the right way, to do the right things for clients, and they encourage debate. The focus on these values has been part of our strength and success.


Ben Mason

P: 0407 909 802