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W3Plus Consulting is a provider of strategic advisory and engineering consultancy services for major water supply pipeline projects in Australia and New Zealand. In recent years, its core team has undertaken:

  • The concept and detailed hydraulic analysis and design, transient analysis, and civil design of over 12,000 km of GRP, PE, PVC, MSCL and DICL pipelines up to DN 1200
  • The detailed civil design of 20 open earthen storage and covered tanks
  • The detailed civil, mechanical, electrical and SCADA design of 50 pumping stations
  • There are very few, if any, other consultancies in Australia and New Zealand with such an experienced and dedicated team of professionals focused wholly on the pipelines industry.

W3Plus is also able to rapidly draw on significant additional technical and professional personnel to assist with specific projects or to cope with peak workloads.

The ability to rapidly deploy experienced personnel to a specific project means tight timeframes can be achieved, which provides a client with the assurance that their project is not competing against the demands of other consultancy work. It is W3Plus Consulting’s policy of open and consistent communication that ensures our clients can deal directly with the relevant staff on each project, and that projects are not “passed on” from person to person.

It is our commitment to offer high quality, technically advanced, professional, and cost-effective service to all of our clients. We are also committed to providing innovative solutions in all areas of service delivery. What sets W3Plus Consulting apart from our competitors is the relationships we build with our clients. We offer solutions to problems, not just engineering design.

W3Plus Consulting is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for the design, modelling and optimisation of water supply and irrigation systems, including provision of technical drawings and GIS data, and has developed a core business framework that supports the development of the water infrastructure industry.