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Brotherson Dock Life Extension Project

Project Details

  • Project Owner: NSW Ports
  • Rating Type: As Built
  • Location: NSW
  • Stakeholders:

This project by NSW Ports has registered for a Design v1.2 IS Rating


The Brotherson Dock was built 40 years ago and is degrading through environmental conditions – i.e. salt water ingression and operational wear and tear.

The Life Extension project involves the implementation of an impressed current and hybrid cathodic protection system:

  • Over 24,000 anodes installed
  • Sealant applied on warf surface
  • Hybrid corrosion protection of seaward face of capping beam
  • Water based cathodic protection of submerged concrete elements


  • Rating Type Ports
  • Registered Date February 2018
  • Jurisdiction Australia
  • States NSW
  • Suburb Port Botany
  • Capital Value $16 Million

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