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Evans and Cardinia Road Level Crossing Removal Projects

Project Details

  • Project Owner: MRPA
  • Rating Type: Design
  • Registered Date: June 2019
  • Completion Date: September , 2021
  • Location: VIC
  • Assessor Name: Gabrielle Jones
  • IS Project manager: Luke Sammut
  • Stakeholders: MRPA


It's great to see that the Alliance has achieved a ‘Leading’ IS Rating with a score of 82 for the Design and As Built ratings for the Evans and Cardinia Road Level Crossing Removal Projects. This score is testament to the excellent work for everybody involved and demonstrates the commitment of the Alliance in the area of sustainability - Andrew Pepplinkhouse, LXRP Program Director – MRPA

The Evans Road, Lyndhurst and Cardinia Road, Pakenham level crossing removal projects involved construction of bridge structures over the existing railways with a combination of retaining wall and batter design solutions. Both projects also involved significant upgrades to public open spaces and shared user paths in the areas. The Cardinia Road project also included the construction of a new activity area and an additional railway station commuter car park.


Rating Highlights:

  • The innovative ‘Vistawall’ RSS wall designs on both projects resulted in large energy and material savings;
  • Installation of ‘Smart lighting’ system and solar lights during operation at Cardinia’s activity area & SUPs;
  • Use of temporary solar powered tower lights in place of diesel light towers for public spaces;
  • Treatment of imported fill material with harvested rainwater at the quarry saving potable water treatment on site;
  • Use of natural dust suppressant product on haul roads to reduce water consumption;
  • Increasing habitat connectivity by propagating seedlings from remnant red gums to replant and increasing drainage into nearby Cranbourne Wetlands at Evans Road;
  • Use of steel road barriers instead of concrete barriers off structure, reducing carbon emissions;
  • Creation of a new activity area at Cardinia Road with additional shared user paths improved community health and wellbeing;

Gifting of felled redgum tree timber to Parks Victoria to reuse in parkland.

Project Image Gallery

Cardinia ISC web photo;
Evans ISC web photo;

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