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Kangaroo Point Green Bridge

Project Details

  • Rating Type: As Built Design
  • Completion Date: August , 2024
  • Location: QLD
  • Assessor Name: Fatima Hammad
  • IS Project manager: Nicole Lee
  • Stakeholders: WSP, Brisbane City Council, BESIX Watpac


The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge will link Kangaroo Point to Brisbane CBD, making it easier to walk or ride between Kangaroo Point, the eastern suburbs and the CBD. More than just a bridge project, the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge will become a must-visit destination for residents and visitors to our great city, with the final design featuring several unique riverside dining opportunities.

Brisbane City Council is building new green bridges across Brisbane, including the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge. This will ensure Brisbane continues to be a great place to live, work and relax, and will provide the perfect way for residents to explore our river city during the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge will provide a world-class landmark linking the city centre and Kangaroo Point peninsulas. The bridge will celebrate our river city and sub-tropical identity and provide a convenient, safe and accessible connection for all bridge users.

Key features of Connect Brisbane's design for the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge include:
• A river crossing between the corner of Alice Street and Edward Street in the CBD, and Scott Street at Kangaroo Point with a length of around 460m
• An elegant single-mast cable stay structure, designed to complement the city skyline and minimise visual impact
• Dedicated cycle and pedestrian paths, with a minimum width of 6.8m along the length of the bridge, and a maximum grade of 1:20
• A navigable bridge clearance height of 12.7 metres (as per the Captain Cook Bridge), with provision for a 60m wide navigation channel
• Viewing platforms and rest nodes to provide panoramic views of the river and city
• High quality landing points that will connect and activate communities on either side of the Brisbane River
• Green design features including solar panels, cooling vegetation and shade cover along the length of the bridge
• Potential new unique dining options, including an above-water restaurant, helping to create an iconic destination for Brisbane residents.

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Sustainability Objectives

The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge has the opportunity to positively contribute to the key areas of urban design, heritage, environment, stakeholder engagement, climate resilience and energy.

The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge Sustainability Policy reflects the Project’s commitment to positive benefits for society and the environment. The Sustainability policy can be found on the Project Website.


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