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Level Crossing Removal Project Package 1 – Burke, North, McKinnon, Centre

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  • Rating Type: As Built
  • Location: VIC
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Delivering the works at the four sites as one package means safer roads, better stations and more trains sooner, with less disruption.

This project by Level Crossing Removal Authority has achieved an 'Excellent' As Built v1 IS Rating.


The Burke North McKinnon Centre (BNMC) level crossing removal projects were the first four of 50 level crossing removal projects to be delivered across the metropolitan Melbourne rail network. Completed in 2016, the projects involved lowering the rail lines under road, the building of four new stations (Gardiner, Ormond, McKinnon and Bentleigh stations) and integration of the station precincts with the local public realm.

The Burke Road project included the consolidation of tram stops near the station and the addition of new walking and cycling paths. The North Road project added a second entrance to the new Ormond station that allows easier access from both sides of North Road.

BNMC was delivered by an Alliance of the LXRA, John Holland and KBR. While a contractual obligation to achieve an ISCA rating was not imposed on the Alliance on its formation, the project later committed to achieve an Excellent as-built rating.

This is one package in the Level Crossings Removal Program.

“Delivering the works at the four sites as one package means safer roads, better stations and more trains sooner, with less disruption.”

“The new stations will be safer, more accessible and easier to get to, with better connections to trams and buses.”

Minister for Public Transport, Jacinta Allan

“By setting high benchmarks in sustainability, we are encouraging contractors to think outside the box and ensuring that our works are delivered with environmental and social impacts in mind”.

LXRA CEO, Kevin Devlin


Rating Highlights

1) Having solar panels on stations isn't new, but LXRA's work has helped to define the standards and processes for future application – solar power on stations could become the norm, rather than the exception in future.

2) Between Ormond and Bentleigh stations, the project transplanted 50 mature date palms that needed to be removed from site during construction. The trees were temporarily stored for the duration of the project and replanted after construction.

3) BNMC ran a program to support and promote local businesses during the construction period called ‘Open for Business’ (OFB).

Some key initiatives of the OFB program include:

  • Providing local businesses access to paid sessions with the Small Business Mentoring Service
  • Facilitating a free marketing workshop for local businesses
  • Regular circulation an OFB brochure that featured 138 local businesses and traders, which encouraged surrounding communities to shop locally during the construction period

4) BNMC was the first project in Australia to use a Horizontal bore for dewatering.

The project presented some challenging conditions for dewatering, with ground too wet to shotcrete and too unstable to support construction plant. The solution consisted of four 700m long horizontal bores being installed under station cuttings, allowing for:

  • Reduced overall time and energy consumption required for excavation and dewatering
  • Reduced air pollution due to low water pumping requirements
  • Avoided need for temporary acquisition of land for pump siting


To find out more about this project, visit the Level Crossing Removal Authority website.


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