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M1 Pacific Motorway Upgrade Burleigh to Palm Beach

Project Details

  • Project Owner: Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Rating Type: As Built
  • Location: QLD
  • IS Project manager: Siddharth Bishnoi
  • Stakeholders: HDR WSP Joint Venture,SMA Joint Venture,TMR


Burleigh to Palm Beach is Package 3 (out of a total of four Packages of works) within the overarching Varsity Lakes to Tugun Project that is undertaking an IS Program rating. The Project is a road upgrade consisting of interchange upgrades. bridge upgrades and motorway widening including shared user paths.

Project Highlights

Urban Design - Urb-1 

The project achieved a level 3 score of 4.69 for this credit.  

Key initiatives that led to this score included:

  • Preparation of a VL2T Landscape and Urban Design Strategy (at the Program level to ensure consistency) and development of a package-specific Urban Design Plan (which responded to the overarching Strategy) 
  • Conducted internal reviews on urban and landscape design plans  
  • Engaged an Independent Design Review Panel (LAUDink landscape architects) to review and provide feedback on the overarching Strategy and package-specific plans

Ecology - Eco-1  

This project has achieved a level 3 with a verified score of 8.79. This project has designed many initiatives into this credit and will be undertaking them.  

Key initiatives which have led to this score include:  

  • Considering offsets under the EO act where they are able to rehabilitee 9.9 ha of areas with 7.6 ha of revegetation within the initial impact area. 2.25 of the offsite offsets are located within Davies Farm Natural Bridge and Kornhauser Recreational Park. 
  • Infrastructure Sustainability Ecological Management Plan and Protected Plants Offset Delivery Plan have been created to manage what is to be  

Due to the management plans above, predictions and were able to be made. With comparison between the Design and Baseline values there was a 45% enhancement in its ecological value.

Energy and Carbon - Ene-1

This project has achieved a level 1.84 with a verified score of 6.47. Within this credit, it can be acknowledged that Energy consumption has had a 9.2% reduction with 33% of it coming from the operations of maintenance vehicles. 
Also, there is a reduction from base to proposed case of 12.6% with a reduction of 26% in the operation of the street lighting and traffic signalling. A key initiative which has reduced this is the retention of bridge structures. Another initiative is the due of more durable materials with fewer pavement reconstructions required.   

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