M1 Pacific Motorway Upgrade Varsity Lakes to Burleigh - ISCouncil

M1 Pacific Motorway Upgrade Varsity Lakes to Burleigh

Project Details

  • Project Owner: Qld Dept of Transport and Main Roads
  • Rating Type: Design
  • Location: QLD
  • IS Project manager: Siddharth Bishnoi
  • Stakeholders: SMEC ,Seymour Whyte ,TMR


Varsity Lakes to Burleigh Interchange consists of Packages 1&2 (considered one package for the purposes of ISCA} out of a total of four Packages of works within the overarching Varsity Lakes to Tugun Project that is undertaking an IS Program rating. The Project is a road upgrade consisting of an interchange upgrade and motorway widening including shared user paths.

Project Highlights

Materials - Mat-1

The project achieved a level 3 score of 7.24 points for this credit.
The Project achieved a 33% reduction in materials use impacts for VL2B-BIC, compared to the base case footprint. Key initiatives that led to this reduction included: 

  • Retaining the existing Reedy Creek Flyover, overall reduction of earthworks. Contributing 11% of the overall reduction   
  • Use of SMA and EME2, reducing the overall volume of asphalt pavement material contributing 81% of the overall reduction 
  • Use of Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) to replace a proportion of Portland cement content within approved concrete mixes

Ecology - Eco-1

The project achieved a level 2.76 score of 8.33 points for this credit (equating to a total 17.63% ecological enhancement), with significant aquatic and terrestrial ecological enhancements including: 

  • Expanded native landscaping 
  • Offsetting for Koala and protected plants, including rehabilitation of Jack Ross Memorial Park 
  • Improvement of fish passage through installation of ‘fish friendly’ culverts, removal of waterway barriers and improvement of riparian areas 

Urban Design - Urb-1

The project achieved a level 3 score of 4.83 for this credit. 

Key initiatives that led to this score included:  

  • Preparation of a VL2T Landscape and Urban Design Strategy (at the Program level to ensure consistency) and development of a package-specific Urban Design Plan (which responded to the overarching Strategy) 
  • Conducted internal reviews on urban and landscape design plans 
  • Engaged an Independent Design Review Panel (LAUDink landscape architects) to review and provide feedback on the overarching Strategy and package-specific plans

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