Moorebank Logistics Park As-Built

Moorebank Logistics Park As-Built

Project Details

  • Project Owner: Qube
  • Rating Type: As Built
  • Completion Date: June , 2020
  • Location: NSW
  • Assessor Name: Claire Hodgson and Denise Day
  • IS Project manager: Michelle Damasio
  • Stakeholders: Moorebank Intermodal Company, Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), Tactical Group, Arcadis


We are extremely proud to have achieved this rating on an infrastructure project of the scale and complexity of the Moorebank Logistics Park. It is recognition for the hard work and expertise of a large number of people who shared a vision to deliver something special. It demonstrates the innovations available to deliver a major industrial development in a more efficient and environmentally sustainable way. - Michael Yiend – Director, Development, Qube

Project Overview:

The Moorebank Logistics Park is a vital piece of infrastructure for Australia and NSW that will transform the way containerised freight moves through Port Botany and deliver a faster, simpler, and more cost-effective service.

When completed, the Moorebank facility will move 1.5 million shipping containers annually by rail instead of road, taking 2,700 heavy truck movements off Sydney’s roads each day and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 110,000 tonnes every year.

It will also feature Australia’s largest purpose-built warehouse and distribution precinct serviced by the latest automated technology which will see driverless shuttle carriers collect and transport containers around the precinct to be processed, unpacked and stored on site or distributed in smaller consignments.

This facility is an integral component of the Freight, Ports and Transport strategies of both the Commonwealth and NSW governments to help manage the challenges of an expected tripling of freight volumes at Port Botany by 2031.

Moorebank Logistics Park will streamline the freight logistics supply chain from ports to store, deliver savings to businesses and consumers, and help service the rapidly growing demand for imported goods in south-west Sydney.

Rating Highlights:

  • The project achieved a world first in innovative technology within in design due to its high degree of automation.
  • An Australian first innovative process was awarded for the project’s design approach to managing urban heat island effects, with measures implemented to achieve a 4ºC decrease in temperature on the project site compared to neighbouring industrial developments
  • Embodied energy within construction materials is planned to be halved through efficient designs and construction practices
  • More than 2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (tCO2-e) is planned to save over 40 years of operations via energy efficient design (electric forklifts, efficient lighting, and crane regenerative power)
  • This is planned to result in tCO2-e savings which represent a 77% reduction when compared to a business-as-usual freight delivery scenario
  • The project is planned to save a further 4 million tonnes of tCO2-e in that 40 year period by transporting containerized freight by rail instead of road – removing thousands of heavy truck trips from the nation’s roads

The project is planned to generate more than half of the energy required across the 243 hectare precinct via solar power (the first warehouse includes a 3MW solar array; with potential to be one of the largest single roof top solar installations in the southern hemisphere)

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