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More Trains More Services Stage 2 South

Project Details

  • Project Owner: Transport for Tomorrow
  • Rating Type: Design & As Built
  • Location: NSW
  • Rating Level: Excellent
  • Rating Score: 70
  • Assessor Name: Sherif Moustafa Sherif
  • IS Project manager: Diego Uzzun
  • Stakeholders: Transport for Tomorrow ,Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR),Laing O’Rourke,Sydney Trains

Laing O’Rourke has partnered with KBR and Transport for NSW to deliver the More Trains, More Services (MTMS) Stage 2 South works package. The partnership, known as Transport for Tomorrow, is upgrading the T4 Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra Line and the South Coast Line for the MTMS2 South package. 

The improvements are delivering greater capacity, reliability and connectivity for customers and are designed to support changes to the use of the stations and stabling yards to better serve the future operation of the T4 Illawarra and South Coast lines.  

The current program of work (MTMS2S Initial Project + IMR5 / RPD012 / TAE30) upgrades rail infrastructure at the following locations.  

  • Mortdale Maintenance Centre Upgrade   
  • Waterfall Stabling Yard and Platform Extension Project  
  • Wollongong Stabling & Platform Extension 
  • Thirroul Platform Extension 
  • Port Kembla Stabling & Platform Extension  
  • Coniston Station Drivers' Walkway  
  • Kiama Station Platform Extension 
  • Bellambi Station Platform Extension  
  • Heathcote substation upgrade 
  • Long New Intercity Fleet Upgrade (Thirroul, Coniston, Bellambi & Kiama)  
  • Port Kembla Southern Stabling Yards and Station upgrade  
  • Platform Extension and Station Upgrades at Dapto and construction of a new maintenance building 
  • Platform Extension at Shellharbour Junction 
  • Kiama Stabling Yard extension  
  • Turnback Upgrades (North Wollongong, South Wollongong, Thirroul) including the use of solar lighting 
  • New Overhead Wiring Structures (7 new portal structures and 5 back guy foundations). 
  • Replacement of bridge screens on the Bridge St over-bridge 
  • The introduction of an additional Catenary wire into the existing Overhead Wiring system (1.2 km) 
  • Earthing and Bonding as required to support the upgrade 

Rating Highlights 

Category  Credit  Achievements/ Description 
Energy and Carbon  Ene-1 



Opportunities to reduce energy use and GHG emissions have been identified, assessed, and implemented throughout the design process. These include (to name a few): solar-powered amenities building and maintenance building, , motion sensing lights, solar and hybrid tower lights, electric crane and 100% green power during construction, and operation to 2030. 


The energy models for the project demonstrated a 49.2% reduction in carbon emissions over its lifecycle. Additionally, the project uses 83.2% renewable energy over its lifecycle. 


Materials  Mat-1 

Through design, the project implemented the following initiatives (to name a few) across various sites to reduce the total amount of materials used – reuse of coarse aggregate, sand, existing rail assets (i.e. stairs, fencing, OHW structures and cantilever structure), general fill spoil and repurposing existing materials. Sourcing low carbon concrete and an average of 30% SCM Readymix concrete used throughout the project, design optimisation reducing the number of precast panels required and concrete piles and use of recycled glass fines as sand replacement for concrete aggregate. 


Discharges to Air, Land & Water  Dis-1  



Measures to minimise adverse impacts to receiving waterbodies have been implemented across the project sites. At Waterfall Station, the installation of rain gardens in the Royal National Park adjacent to the culvert outlets will provide significant water quality benefits and require minimal maintenance. 


Community Health, Well-being, and Safety   Hea-1   

The Wollongong Council Community Strategic Plan goals focus on partnerships with First Nations People, building awareness and understanding on Local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, heritage and histories and arts and culture through supporting creatives, providing events and spaces, and celebrating Aboriginal heritage and culture. The project was able to align with these goals by engaging with local Aboriginal artists from Wollongong to create artworks that would help to retain, protect, build awareness and understanding on the local Aboriginal culture, heritage, and history of Wollongong City. A plinth sign was installed at Wollongong Station and an unveiling event for the plinth sign took place and was shared with the community through our communications notifications with the opportunity to provide thoughts and feedback. 


Additionally, both Sutherland Shire, and Shellharbour Community Strategic Plan goals focus on driving a strong local economy, inspiring community spirit through connecting people and opportunities to participate in community life and an increase access to local employment and training opportunities. Therefore, the project believed that by delivering our inspiring STEM+ program to local schools we would support the local goals of the community. Students learned practical, problem-solving skills through subject modules including innovation, sustainability, safety in design and digital engineering. Furthermore, as part of the program we provided opportunities for mentioning, networking, work experience, internships and ultimately, a position in our Graduate Development Program on completing university studies in the future.  


Heritage   Her-1   

The project was able to promote local heritage values through partnering with local Aboriginal artists Aunty Narelle and Lorraine based in Wollongong to create artworks that would help to retain, protect, build awareness and understanding on the local Aboriginal culture, heritage, and history of Wollongong City. Two artworks were created – Woolyungah which symbolises the land between the mountain and the sea, and Mount Keira, which is the women’s mountain, a mountain of significance for women’s business, dance, and learning. The artworks were installed at Wollongong Station in the form of a plinth sign along with an Acknowledgement to Country and the local dreaming story of The Five Islands. An unveiling event for the plinth sign took place and was shared with the community through our communication notifications with the opportunity to provide thoughts and feedback.  


Furthermore, the project engaged with local Aboriginal artist Uncle Richard Campbell to work closely with Bellambi Public School through online cultural lessons (due to unprecedented times of COVID-19 lockdowns) to explain dreamtime stories and significant facts about the Dharawal culture, how the clan’s gathered food from the sea and the importance of totems i.e. the Dharawal totem which is a whale. The outcome of the lessons involved the students producing an artwork with Bellambi indigenous heritage value concepts in mind. Each student also outlined their handprints, and the artwork was displayed at Bellambi Public School. 


Verified Innovations 

Innovation Name   Verification Date  Project Publication sign off  Description 
Modular FRP Platform  22/02/2024    Waterfall Station implemented a Modular Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Platform as an innovative, reusable alternative to a traditional plywood temporary Platform. 

The project objective was to keep construction, environmental and maintenance costs to a minimum whilst ensuring works could proceed.  

The FRP panels were considered more durable than plywood and therefore did not need to be replaced throughout the 2year period the deck system was used.  

This is the first time a system like this has been used in Australia for a temporary platform deck.  

This design and product are an Australian first for the rail construction industry.  

Guard Dog  22/02/2024    The Guard Dog drain Filter prevents flooding while trapping hydrocarbons and sediment runoff. Sediment runoff is an issue on almost every site but has been of specific benefit to our project during the long La Nina cycle we have experienced over the past two years.  

The Guard Dog Drain protection is an example of Innovative technology or Process that has been recognised as an Australian First. 

Acknowledgments & Contact Information: 

IS Rating Contact for future engagement :

Michelle Quinn 

Senior Manager Sustainability 

Transport for NSW 

Phone: 0435 127 588 



Acknowledgments – People  

Transport for NSW 

Laing O’Rourke 

Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) 



Transport for Tomorrow has delivered a sustainable heavy rail upgrade and pursued innovative products and construction techniques achieving 2 Australian first innovations

-Richard Cooke I Project Director, Transport for NSW 

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