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North East Link Project – Primary Package

Project Details

  • Project Owner: CPB Contractors Pty Limited(ABN 98 000 893 667)("CPB")2.Webuild S.p.A.(ABN 83 159 573 896)("Webuild")3.GS Engineering & Construction Australia Pty Ltd(ABN 32 147 919 328)("GSE&C")4.China Construction Oceania Pty Ltd(ABN 59 609 403 536)("CCO"),(together as an unincorporated joint venture, trading as "Spark NEL DC JV" (ABN 94 762 343 962)
  • Rating Type: As Built Design
  • Registered Date: October 2021
  • Completion Date: July , 2029
  • Location: VIC
  • Stakeholders: North East Link Program,WSP, Arcadis amongst several others,As above "Spark NEL DC JV" (ABN 94 762 343 962),WSP, Arcadis amongst several others


Sustainability for the North East Link Program (NELP) means moving beyond just a 'business as usual' approach to one in which we actively seek to maximise long term benefits for the environment, our communities and our economic prosperity. Our people are committed to being leaders in sustainability and integrating sustainability principles into planning, design and project decision making. We want to ensure we leave a positive legacy for present and future generations.

Spark North East Link Pty Limited as trustee of the Spark North East Link Trust (Project Co) has been contracted by The Minister for Transport Infrastructure for and on behalf of the Crown in right of the State of Victoria and the North East Link State Tolling Corporation (together the State) to deliver the Primary Package under a Project Deed dated 27 October 2021 (Project Deed).

Project Co is responsible for delivering the Primary Package under a public–private partnership (PPP) framework.

Project Co has subcontracted the Development Activities (as defined in the Project Deed) to the unincorporated joint venture (the nominating organisation listed above), comprising Webuild S.p.A, GS Engineering & Construction Australia Pty Ltd, CPB Contractors Pty Ltd and China Construction Oceania Pty Ltd (D&C Contractor) under the D&C Contract between Project Co and the D&C Contractor dated 27 October 2021 (D&C Contract).


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