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Northern Beaches Hospital CaNE

Project Details

  • Rating Type: As Built
  • Location: NSW
  • Stakeholders:

This project is a Ferrovial York Joint Venture, and has registered for a As Built v1.1 IS Rating.


The Northern Beaches Hospital Connectivity and Network Enhancement Project, to be completed in two stages, will improve traffic flow to the Northern Beaches through the Frenchs Forest area and will also facilitate access to the new Northern Beaches hospital, once constructed.

Stage 1 of the project, the Hospital Connectivity stage, comprises roadwork associated with intersection upgrades, widening and improvements to accommodate changed traffic conditions expected to be generated by the new Northern Beaches Hospital on Forest Way, Frenchs Forest Road and Wakehurst Parkway.

Stage 2, the Network Enhancement portion of the works, will encompass the main works associated with improving traffic movements along Warringah Road including a lowered four lane motorway section for through traffic between Wakehurst Parkway and Forest Way. Stage 2 also involves the replacement of an existing pedestrian bridge and the construction of two new pedestrian bridge servicing the High School and shopping centre, and three post tensioned overpass bridges at major intersections along Warringah Road.

Project Features

  • 4km of road widening – Frenchs Forest Rd including two new signalised intersections
  • 1.2km of lowered motorway construction on Warringah Road
  • 1.6km of three lane road construction on Warringah Road
  • One replacement and two new pedestrian bridges with centre spans of 70m
  • Three overpass bridges constructed under live traffic conditions
  • Construction of two stormwater detention tanks up to 3 mega litres in capacity
  • 16km of drainage including over 1060 stormwater pits
  • 32km of sub-soil drains
  • 90,000t of asphalt
  • 50,000m3 of granular pavement
  • 140,000 m3 of excavation for the lowered road
  • 7km of concrete traffic barrier
  • 290 new street lights including 11km of electrical wiring
  • 10,000m2 of precast fascia panels


  • Rating Type Road
  • Registered Date September 2015
  • Jurisdiction Australia
  • States NSW
  • Suburb Sydney Northern Beaches
  • Assessor Mark Turner
  • Capital Value $380 Million
  • Other Stakeholders AECOMBoral

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