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Rous Head Industrial Park

Project Details

  • Rating Type: As Built
  • Location: WA
  • Stakeholders:

This project by Fremantle Ports has achieved an 'Excellent' As Built v1 IS Rating.


The project relates to the development of the reclamation area in Rous Head and comprises partitioning into lots, construction of the access roads, and the various services to the boundaries of the lots to allow subsequent tenants to develop business servicing the port.

"Some really simple changes put in place to address IS credits are having a significant impact on project sustainability outcomes and project team culture. For example, including an item for ‘Innovations/Opportunities’ in weekly project meetings has resulted in conversations about sustainability in practice, and many great ideas – particularly around material reuse – being implemented on site. Significant decisions about design, such as ‘best use’ of a public area, have been informed through scored assessment, community engagement and consultation with stakeholders. A key feature is to create a rookery habitat to attract a listed vulnerable bird species (the Australian Fairy Tern) in the hope that they will breed there early next year."

Adam van der Beeke, Environmental Advisor, Fremantle Ports


  • Rating Type Ports
  • Rating Score 54.4
  • Registered Date January 2012
  • Certification Date May 2017
  • Practical Completion January 2013
  • Jurisdiction Australia
  • States WA
  • Suburb Fremantle
  • Assessor Adam van der Beeke
  • Capital Value 15 Million
  • Other Stakeholders AECOMFremantle Ports, Brierty

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