South Australia Road Network Maintenance

South Australia Road Network Maintenance

Project Details

  • Project Owner: DM Roads (Downer)
  • Rating Type: Operation
  • Location: SA
  • Stakeholders: DM Roads (Downer),SA Department for Infrastructure & Transport


Pursuing an IS Rating provides an opportunity for DM Roads to demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment and contributing to the communities in which we live and work in a meaningful way. It will drive continuous improvement in our operations and supports our efforts to integrate a culture of sustainability in everything we do. I hope this process will establish us as a sustainability leader in our industry and help differentiate us from our competitors - Tim Stanford

The State road network in South Australia is one of the state’s biggest infrastructure assets and covers approximately 25% of the state’s total road network. The network consists of over 13,000km of sealed roads and 10,000km of unsealed roads, tunnels, bridges, traffic signals, signage, verge and drainage. DM Roads are responsible for maintaining Zones 1 (metro) and 3 (North) of the network and deliver a combination of Base Service, Minor Works, Annual Renewal Works and Minor capital works.

Remote SA 1;

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