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Hills M2 Motorway

Project Details

  • Project Owner: Transurban
  • Rating Type: Operation
  • Location: NSW
  • Assessor Name: Sarah Blagrove
  • IS Project manager: Michelle Damasio
  • Stakeholders:


The Hills M2 Motorway has embedded sustainable principles across the different lifecycle phases, which has been integral to the positive outcomes and operational performance achieved to date. The ongoing commitment to sustainability captured through the IS Operations rating, has led to achieving reductions in energy and carbon, waste generation, and enhanced a range of positive outcomes in the local community. Through the implementation of an IS Operations rating on the asset, we will further enhance the sustainability performance and drive positive change across the asset, and broader infrastructure network in NSW.

The Hills M2 Motorway is a 21-kilometre road linking Sydney's lower north shore and the northwest regions. The M2 Motorway connects with Westlink M7, the Lane Cove Tunnel, and the NorthConnex tunnel. The motorway was first opened in 1997, with a widening and upgrade completed in 2013. Transurban took over operational control the M2 Motorway in 2005 and in 2014 Transurban (via NSW subsidiary TollAust) acquired 100 per cent of the operations management on the motorway. The M2 Motorway is under concession until 2048. Ventia are the current Operations and Maintenance contractors.

The M2 Motorway consists of the following major features:

  • Main carriageway, Eastbound and Westbound – an approximate 21km dual carriageway open road motorway with 2-3 lanes in each direction as well as on and off ramps to connecting roads;
  • A 2-way, 2 lane bus way between Beecroft Road, Epping and Windsor Road, and Baulkham Hills between the eastbound and westbound expressway carriages;
  • Interchanges and connections to arterial roads and crossings of the M2 Motorway for motorists and pedestrians;
  • Norfolk Tunnel – A 460 metre tunnel with 3 lanes in each direction with three emergency cross passages;
  • Motorway Control Centre – located on TollAust Lane, North Ryde;
  • Alternate Traffic Control Centre – located at the Eastern Portal communications room of the Norfolk Tunnel;
  • Motorscapes Project – as part of a project to regenerate a laydown area adjacent to the motorway, the Motorscapes project was delivered which included an art installation, bush regeneration and landscaping;
  • Mechanical and Electrical Systems supporting the operation and maintenance of the Motorway and associated systems; and
  • Various Intelligent Transport Systems including Operations Management Control System used to manage, monitor, and control the Motorway.

Website: https://www.transurban.com/ 

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