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SA Water: Murray Bridge Wastewater Treatment Plant Initiatives

Saturday, 26 October 2019

SA Water’s new Murray Bridge Wastewater Treatment plant has been awarded the highest IS design Rating for a water or wastewater project in Australia to date. The $52 million project received an ‘excellent design rating through the IS Rating Scheme. South Australia’s newest waste water treatment plant in Murray Bridge, south-east of Adelaide, became fully operational last week, able to process up to 4.5 million litres of sewage a day from more than 14,000 people.


Project Initiatives

Hea-1: The project received full marks (2.49/ 2.49points), achieving level 3.

This score was obtained through extensive consultation and project integration with the traditional Ngarrindjeri people.

Some initiatives include:

Naming of the project site: A suitable Ngarrindjeri name/word for the site will be provided through consultation with the Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority. This will help contribute towards the survival of the Ngarrindjeri language.

John Holland was required to develop and implement over the life of the project strategies that maximise employment and training opportunities, particularly for the Ngarrindjeri community.

Ngarrindjeri Native Garden –The plant palette for this native garden consists of a variety of plant species that reflect Ngarrindjeri culture. An aim of the palette is so Ngarrindjeri plant knowledge can be shared and passed down to the younger generations. The shape of the garden beds reflect artistic notions of sand ripples, waves coming into shore and the wing of the pelican, an important Totem/Ngartji.

Wat-1: full points, level 3(8.96/8.96 points)

Based on the modelling conducted, the project to meet at least a 60% overall water usage reduction. The most significant saving is derived from changing the treatment process and using a compact MBBR process instead of the Storage lagoons. (Wat 1a Water Balance) . Further efficiencies are likely to be implemented during construction.


For further information contact SA Water's media team on 08 7424 2477