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WA Conference Preview: Forrestfield-Airport Link Site Tour

Thursday, 5 July 2018

WA Conference Preview: Forrestfield-Airport Link Site Tour

Delegates of the 2018 WA Conference will have an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the under-construction Forrestfield Airport Link project, the first IS rated project of the WA Government’s ambitious METRONET program.

Be one of the first to walk through the rail tunnel and see where all the on-site production of the 60k plus pre-cast concrete segments are. View the tunnelling activities including waste water treatment and reverse osmosis plant.

The $1.86 billion Forrestfield-Airport Link is jointly funded by the Australian and Western Australian governments and will deliver a new rail service to the eastern suburbs of Perth – with three new stations at Redcliffe, Airport Central and Forrestfield.

The rail link forms part of the METRONET vision to create liveable communities connected by world class public transport.

It is the largest infrastructure project being undertaken in Perth, with unique challenges of boring twin tunnels underneath the Swan River and Perth Airport infrastructure, as well as construction within both State and Federal jurisdictions. We aim to showcase the project at the 2018 WA IS Conference with a tour of the major sites, including:

Carolyn Way segment facility

  • Tunnel segment production yard and concrete batching plant. The yard will produce 60,000 pre-cast concrete segments.

Forrestfield site

  • Operation and processing plant for tunneling activities, including Slurry Treatment Plant, Grout Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant,
  • Construction of Forrestfield Station and stowage building,
  • Tunnel segment storage.

Airport Central site

  • Construction of Airport Central Station directly south of the control tower at Perth Airport’s Terminal 1. This is a 20,495m2 construction site,
  • TBM Sandy’s final gantries as she exits the underground station box.

Bayswater site

  • Construction of the dive structure where TBMs Grace and Sandy will exit the tunnels, and the new Forrestfield line will merge with the existing rail network. This will see 8.5km added to the rail network.

In addition, we will be driving past other important sites on the project.

To ensure safety of the congregation, a number of sites will be selected where an exclusion zone will be established for closer viewing of the work areas. The other tours will be viewed from the safety of the coaches.

To find out more information about or to register for the 2018 WA Conference, click here.

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