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Climate Action Coalition

Thursday, 16 March 2023

To accelerate climate action in every town, city and region through a place-based approach.

The cities and regions in which we live, work and play are as unique and diverse as we are as individuals – no two are the same. While we are all working towards a common global goal of positive climate action, how that is delivered from place-to-place needs to be responsive to the specific context, strengths and vulnerabilities of those communities – particularly if we want to leave a lasting positive legacy.

Infrastructure has a leading role to play in delivering climate action. Infrastructure enables up to 70 per cent of emissions through the way we plan, design, build and use infrastructure assets. This coalition will progress a systemic, networked approach to accelerating decarbonisation focused on towns, cities and regions rather than leveraging the knowledge and work undertaken at an asset, sector and material level.

This may include:

  • Convening and leveraging existing knowledge, expertise and resources in the sector to lead placed based approaches to climate action for every town, city and region.
  • Progress the principles and frameworks outlined in Placed-based Approach to Climate Action which includes:
    • Collaboration between governments, industry, business and communities is needed across powers; partnerships; platforms (data); and people.
    • Integrated, systemic and collaborative governance that plays to the unique strength and influence of each actor.
    • Is built on the principles of placed-based approaches; co-design; systems approach and innovation.
  • Identify and partner with pilot places to support acceleration of placed-based approaches while sharing learnings and insights for others to scale.
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