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To accelerate impact through knowledge sharing and collaboration

Our competitors are not our market colleagues but the ticking clocks of climate change and social inequality. An ISC member coalition is the opportunity to bring the best and brightest minds from industry around the same table to work together on addressing some of the biggest and most important issues of our time.

The industry faces challenges which must be address collectively to allow everyone to deliver outcomes at scale and pace. The Coalitions accelerate market and societal transformation for a positive future for people, planet, economy and industry.

What is a coalition?

A coalition comprises ISC members who are committed to impact. Diversity makes for richer outcomes and will be part of the selection across age, skills, gender and ethnicity criteria.

Coalition members shape the development and lead delivery of coalition workplace. They are supported by coalition partners, associate members, subject matter experts, ISC representations, and the coalition chair.

A coalition works together to understand opportunities and challenges in the industry on a particular topic or issues. With the intention to develop a workplan to address these challenges.


Why join a coalition?

These challenges are not going to be solved by one person or one organisation but only through co-design, collaboration, co-ordination and co-investment. Everyone has a contribution to make.

Coalitions bring together industry partners, subject matter experts, a variety of experts bringing together different views, different experience and different knowledge levels. Together we are able to better address the challenges and create solutions faster.

As both an organisation and an individual you will collaborate with other leaders in the industry. Accessing shared knowledge to build your own capabilities and understanding. And importantly being part of progressing the solutions. Something you can promote through your CSR, strategic goals or company objectives alignment.


ISC Coalitions



Accelerating systemic resilience so that infrastructure can enable thriving lifestyles, communities and nations, now and into the future.

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Circular economy

Circular Economy

Accelerating transition to circular business models and economies in infrastructure.

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climate action

Climate Action

Accelerating climate action in every town, city and region through a place-based approach.

Explore the Circular Economy Coalition
modern slavery

Modern Slavery

Eradicating modern slavery from infrastructure’s supply chains.

Explore the Modern Slavery Coalition

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