2019 Infrastructure Sustainability Awards Case Study - ISCouncil

2019 Infrastructure Sustainability Awards Case Study

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

2019 Infrastructure Sustainability Awards Case Study 

The Individual Leadership in Infrastructure Sustainability Award  

Rebecca Hendy | McConnell Dowell

Rebecca Hendy is a Certified Environmental Practitioner with over 15 years experience. Currently a Senior Sustainability Advisor for McConnell Dowell, she is a peer reviewer for IS Rating credits and pilot projects, and managed updates to Version 2 of the IS Rating.

Proactive and enthusiastic, Rebecca takes a holistic view of infrastructure sustainability. A proven team player, she harnesses collaboration and co-operation to pursue initiatives that create long-term change for the construction industry.

Rebecca is also passionate about leaving positive social legacies. Through her work across the supply chain, in social procurement, and in collaboration with government, she is helping move our industry towards a circular economy, meeting our infrastructure needs for today and ensuring our natural resources exist for future generations.

Rebecca has a proven commitment to sustainability, and a high degree of personal focus and leadership. Her building efforts and waste/recycling initiatives are commendable. She is clearly leading the way for new approaches and materials, industry participation and workforce engagement. She effectively integrates the social, economic and environmental pillars of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


 “Rebecca has contributed to innovation in sustainability, raising industry standards. She is a role model for the industry as a whole.” – Award Judges