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A NET ZERO FUTURE: Delivered through our infrastructure pipeline

Monday, 30 May 2022

In Australia, collective action is needed to deliver low-carbon, climate-resilient infrastructure that meets community, Government, and investor requirements. Australian state and territory Governments have committed to net zero carbon by 2050 to address climate change risks identified by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). All have set further intermediate 2030 benchmarks to drive action over the next decade. Additionally, almost every jurisdiction requires the infrastructure supply chains to deliver carbon reductions measured using the Infrastructure Sustainability Council Rating Scheme (IS Rating Scheme). The IS Rating Scheme is the Australian and New Zealand rating framework to assess the sustainability of the planning, design, construction and operation phases of infrastructure programs, projects, networks, and assets. The IS Rating Scheme evaluates governance, economic, environmental and social performance and has now become standard practice in most states and territories for any major transport project to plan and deliver carbon reductions, across a broad range of asset classes and sizes. Throughout Australia we have also started to see a range of targeted policy programs to incentivise innovation and uptake in low emissions building materials, renewable energy and the circular economy.

Our industry is strongly placed to help enable this transition over the next decade because of its role in shaping societies and economies and through its unique position to influence emissions reductions, leverage investment, and respond to policy incentives from government, proponents, and asset owners. 

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