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Breaking the Bias: Reimagining Infrastructure | Australian Panel

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Watch the recording of our Australian IWD Panel on Breaking the bias: Reimagining Infrastructure co-hosted by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council and Tonkin + Taylor

Our impressive list of panellists will be discussing:

  • a world where infrastructure is designed with all in mind;
  • a world where when deciding what, where and how infrastructure is to be delivered, more inclusive views are sought;
  • a world where the demographics of those delivering the infrastructure better represent the communities the infrastructure serves;
  • a world where infrastructure is thought of, not as just an asset, but for its human face – as something that connects people and communities and delivers on their aspirations.

These are all areas where we feel there is potential for bias to currently operate. They also represent the different stages in the life cycle of an Infrastructure asset where those in the sector have an opportunity through their working lives to #domore to change the lives of the communities the infrastructure is designed to serve.

Our Panellists:

  • Laura Harvey, Monkey Media Enterprises
  • Amanda Yeates, Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Jonathan Cartledge, Infrastructure Australia
  • Nicole Neal, Tonkin + Taylor
  • Martin Holliday, Tonkin + Taylor
  • Patrick Hastings, Infrastructure Sustainability Council

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