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InfraBuild pioneering ecolabelled steel

Tuesday, 23 May 2023

The IS Council is delighted to recognise InfraBuild for successfully gaining GECA Certification for its reinforcing bar and reinforcing mesh products, made by InfraBuild to AS/NZS 4671. InfraBuild is the first business to achieve GECA Certification to their Steel Standard.

Steel is a vital material not only for the built environment but also for vehicles, art, medicine and information technology. The unique physical properties of steel allow it to be reused or recycled without losing quality. However, like all materials, steel can pose a significant environmental, health and social burden during manufacture, use and disposal. So, GECA has developed the Steel and Steel Products standard to define sustainable performance benchmarks for steel and steel products throughout their lifecycle.

Combining the GECA Certification with InfraBuild’s existing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for these products, InfraBuild is well placed to receive recognition for the sustainability attributes of its products, and to better support IS rated projects teams seeking to achieve best practice outcomes.

InfraBuild’s new Certification is noted on the GECA website, Link below

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