Infrastructure Sustainability Council is proud to be working alongside Downer

Infrastructure Sustainability Council is proud to be working alongside Downer

Thursday, 26 August 2021

The Infrastructure Sustainability Council is proud to be working alongside Downer in their pursuit of achieving greater sustainability performance across infrastructure projects and assets.

Marcus Stephens, General Manager – Tasmania of Downer  quotes “Our journey has evolved throughout the process of working with the IS Council.

What began as a point of differentiation has evolved into new, more efficient ways of working.

“A clear benefit has been creating a culture of thinking differently. It has created a pathway for innovation and is driving efficiencies within the business,” said Marcus.

An unexpected benefit has been the validation of our approach to asset management.

“It has reinforced what we are doing in the asset management space. By taking a whole-of-life approach and optimising the work we do on the network though network modelling, we are minimising waste, virgin materials and carbon emissions,” said Marcus.

There are also clear benefits for our customers and the community.

“By focusing on the IS Council’s approach to delivering services, we were able to provide a clear financial benefit to our customers at tender time,” said Marcus.   In addition, we are creating deeper relationships with Local Government Authorities and our supply chain, employing disadvantaged workers and creating safer community assets and recreational spaces.

We have a number of key learnings from this process that we are excited to be implementing to further enhance our offering to the local community “We’re now looking at ways that we can take things further, how can we drive further sustainability benefits by exploring other areas?” Marcus said.

Ainsley Simpson, CEO of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council quotes “Building sustainability into asset management increases asset use, enables resilience for the communities it serves and delivers efficiencies like decreased lifecycle costs.

“We would like to congratulate our partner Downer for their continued success embedding sustainability as best practice asset management. Whilst never an easy task, it is a testament to their ongoing leadership ensuring all infrastructure assets deliver social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits,” says Ainsley.

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