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Grow your organisation’s sustainability skill sets or begin a personal development journey with IS Learn.

Whether you have sustainability responsibilities, are looking to enter the profession or are interested in exploring what sustainability can do for your organisation, our growing suite of learning programmes offers you  a range of options to suit different learning styles.

Practical knowledge

IS learning is informative, collaborative and based on  high performance behaviours. This ensures participants are not passive but are learning using practical techniques developed and applied in industry. The result? Participants leave with a usable skillset and can apply and share their knowledge and skills with others.



Learn using programmes based on best practice instructional design and our globally recognised sustainability rating scheme. Our facilitators have a long-term commitment to sustainable practices and practical experience.

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Public courses

Learn with your industry colleagues – and from them. We schedule public courses regularly throughout the year. They are currently available in Australia and New Zealand. We update our courses  continually to ensure our content stays current and in line with sustainability best practice. All courses  are easily accessible via our convenient online booking platform.


In-house progammes

Learn with topics and projects that best suit your organisation. The IS Council delivers customised in-house learning for organisations at a location and time that suits you.

In-house progammes provide an environment where your organisation can explore project- specific topics confidentially. They let you design content to suit your business objectives and learning stage(s), so you can be confident that your team’s learning is targeted and effective.


ISAP Renewal FY22

Please confirm with your employer if you are part of a group payment before proceeding.

Do not register here if you are part of a Group / Organisation payment – your organisation will distribute access to the exam one paid.

To renew your ISAP accreditation please register your details and finalise payment.

You will receive access to the exam within 72 hours of confirmed payment.


Our Offerings

Enabling Sustainable Procurement

This course will assist participants to enhance procurement practices in their project or organisation in relation to sustainability. A mixture of instructional presentations and supporting activities will help participants reinforce and apply learnings. 2 x 4 hours sessions over two days virtual instructor lead training course.

Infrastructure Sustainability for Managers

Early adoption of the Ratings Scheme will keep your team ahead of the curve and enable rapid application of best practices. This ensures that you will continue to make a positive contribution the implementation of the scheme and actively advance sustainability outcomes in infrastructure.

IS for Professionals

This course is a must to keep up to date with important infrastructure sustainability trends and developments and understand how to implement an IS rating scheme strategy to ultimately achieve a Certified IS Rating.

IS v2.1 Unwrapped

IS v2.1 Unwrapped is for existing ISAPs to further explore credits and supporting material in order to implement an IS v2.1 Design and As Built rating. Following the workshop, an exam will accredit ISAPs to assess the implementation of an IS v2.1 Design and As Built rating. Workshops will be held twice monthly free of charge from August 2021 through to February 2022.

FY22 ISAP Renewal Exam

Welcome to FY22 ISAP Renewal 1 June - 30 September 2021 - Renewal Period


I believe this course (IS Training for Professionals), is essential for others looking to work in the sustainability space in relation to infrastructure. I am currently at Graduate level in my career and believe this course will assist in taking my career in the right direction.

Meisha Ellis, March 2021

All managers involved in projects should do this course (IS for Managers)

ACT Government, June 2021

I found the Trainer was fantastic, it was a virtual environment and he did a great job of engaging with the whole group and kept us fully interested. The Sustainable procurement course provides an excellent insight to future benefits of Sustainability in projects

TMR QLD, June 2021

(IS Training for Professionals) A great resource to be able to implement improvements in how sustainability can be adopted and ingrained throughout the entire lifecycle of infrastructure projects if done effectively. I have learned that to be able to apply the IS rating effectively, the broader project team should participate in the workshop to fully understand the requirements of the process and the benefits of obtaining an IS rating for an infrastructure project.

Darryn Costanzo, February 2021

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