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ISCA Announces Australia’s First Infrastructure Sustainability As Built Rating

Thursday, 27 March 2014

ISCA Announces Australia’s First Infrastructure Sustainability As Built Rating

ISCA CEO, Antony Sprigg, formally awarded Australia’s first certified IS As Built rating to the City East Alliance team who delivered the Great Eastern Highway Upgrade on behalf of Main Roads Western Australia in Perth yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, 13th August 2013).

The presentation occurred at the WA Transport Infrastructure Summit with Leo Coci, Executive Director, Infrastructure Transport Directorate, receiving the rating on behalf of Main Roads Western Australia. Stephen Nicolay (Leighton Contractors) who was the Alliance Director and Erik Geidans from GHD also received a Rating certificate.

“This is a milestone for ISCA and demonstrates the importance and benefits of applying the IS rating scheme to our Nation’s assets. I congratulate City East Alliance (CEA) for applying the IS rating scheme during the design and construction of this project. Their focus on sustainability, innovation and implementing best practice sustainability solutions no doubt enabled the project to achieve a ‘Commended’ level of rating.” Mr Sprigg said.

The assessment process highlighted three areas where the CEA team best demonstrated sustainable practices, these being, the project management systems, materials and land management. The extensive use of recycled materials, reducing the use of non-renewable resources of limestone, sand and bitumen were all particularly important features of the project.

Highlights of the project include:

  • The highway now has the largest use of recycled material on any WA State road with 43 per cent of imported material being recycled.
  • Instead of using high-value potable water, the project installed groundwater bores and constructed a weir which, on completion, was handed to the local council to irrigate parks.
  • The project also reduced energy consumption and environmental impact by using warm mix asphalt – applying innovative foaming technology to mix the bitumen into the asphalt mix.

“The entire Project Team was enlisted to support the achievement of this rating, from generating ideas relating to protecting the environment and sustainability during the design phase, through to making a difference in minimising the use of water and correct disposal of waste during construction” Mr Nicolay said. He also recognised several benefits from the IS rating, including:

  • Continued testing of current systems and processes for sustainability, as well as helping benchmark against other best practice projects in Australia
  • Introduction of a sustainability assurance process
  • Providing a framework for sustainability performance and reporting for the project.

The project achievement of a ‘Commended’ IS rating reflects the positive and proactive approach to sustainability by the Alliance partners. “The IS rating process has encouraged Main Roads WA to formally identify major projects where project teams are able to implement best-practice and innovative sustainability solutions to deliver long-term environmental, social and economic benefit through WA road infrastructure.” Mr Coci said.

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