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ISCA in Rwanda

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

ISCA in Rwanda

ISCA collaborates with the Global Green Growth Institute at the Africa Green Growth Forum, to advance infrastructure sustainability in Rwanda.

Upon invitation from the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), Kieren Heikkinen and Jon Avery headed over to the African Green Growth Forum, 26-30 Nov 2018, to collaborate with the GGGI. The aim of this trip was to gain an understanding of what is needed for Rwanda to establish interest in an Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Scheme and to begin to develop a community of practice around IS International.

According to the World Bank in 2017, the world will require about $90 trillion in new infrastructure over the next 15 years, – most of it in developing and middle-income countries. Making the right choices in favour of infrastructure that is climate resilient and locks in a low carbon development pathway is critical and urgent. Action now will avoid huge costs later.

It is through schemes like IS International that the benefits of infrastructure sustainability will lead to a more climate resilient and lower carbon Africa.

Our collaborations culminated in a range of regional and international stakeholders coming together to devise action plans to advance the Green Growth Agenda in Africa. During the week ISCA and GGGI co-hosted a Rwandan diagnostic roundtable on Infrastructure Sustainability, providing participants with a general understanding of the benefits of sustainability techniques on infrastructure projects. Participants also engaged in a dialogue on the current processes Rwanda is using to address these issues, and how infrastructure sustainability frameworks can assist in improving overall performance. Kieren and Jon also had the opportunity to present and discuss the Australian Infrastructure Sustainability journey.

“The political will to advance the sustainability agenda in Rwanda was truly eye opening. Indeed the support from the private sector in this endeavour will ensure greater sustainability performance in the region.” said General Manager of Sustainability Leadership, Jon Avery.

“Economic growth in Africa is being led by Rwanda, with an annual 8% increase being sustained over the last ten years. This is an impressive statistic, and is testament to the strong leadership and courage of its citizens to embrace a green agenda for the future”

Through the roundtable events and engagement meetings, ISCA and GGGI will continue to advance infrastructure sustainability in Rwanda. A second phase of activities is in the works for 2019, likely to include further training and piloting of IS International.


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