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ISCA IP Transfer and Training Workshop

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

ISCA IP Transfer and Training Workshop

ISCA, the China City Development Foundation (CCDF), and the Green Infrastructure Finance Accreditation (GIFA) facilitated an important workshop with key stakeholders in Beijing during the week of 29 August 2016.

Xiaoping Zhang, from CCDF, one of the key champions behind GIFA, opened the session. The objective of this 2 day workshop was to present on all aspects of the IS ratiung scheme and use the information as a basis to discuss and help define the development considerations for the GIFA scheme designed specifically for China.

“This workshop and sharing of information and ideas is the most significant milestone for China’s infrastructure sustainability journey”, noted ISCA’s CEO, Antony Sprigg.

ISCA looks forward to continuing to collaborate with GIFA and supporting them in the development and deployment of China’s Infrastructure Sustainability rating scheme.

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