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DURA-BASE Composite Matting System


  • Product Type Composite Materials, Plant and Equipment, Plastic Products
  • Regions Australia, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia



  • Company Name JWA Oilfield Supplies Pty Ltd
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Dura-Base is Australia’s heaviest duty composite matting with a successful track record on major projects since its introduction in 2003.
These modular panels interlock together quickly to form continuous working platforms and access roads in soft grounds, sensitive soils and sites requiring ground stabilisation.

Made of durable and recyclable HDPE, Dura-Base have been deployed on a range of applications such as:
– Temporary roadways
– Temporary carparks
– Compounds, laydown yards
– Beach landings
– Creek crossing
– Crane lift platforms and piling pads
– Emergency access
– Wet weather mitigation
– Ground protection and more

Dimensions: 4.27m x 2.44m x 10.5cm, 454kg per mat.

JWA is the exclusive distributor of Dura-Base in Australia, available for purchase or hire nationwide.

Sustainability Outcomes

Dura-Base provides project teams with the option to use reusable platforms and roads in place of traditional methods of trucking aggregates or building concrete pads.

With a single semi-trailer can hold up to 420sqm worth of mat coverage, composite matting can reduce or replace the need for single-use materials, reducing overall landfill waste. It may help to reduce emissions from overall truck movements required to deliver, refill and remove the equivalent in aggregates and fill material. This may contribute towards IS v1.2 Mat-1, Was-1 & Was-2 credits.

Dura-Base mats are made of non-porous HDPE which minimises the risk of cross-contamination while working in sensitive sites. It installs rapidly, forming a protective load-spreading layer to minimise topsoil disturbance during operations, which helps to preserve any underlying plant root substructure for optimal chance of regrowth. It also prevents equipment from rutting the ground and potentially exposing acid sulfate soils to the air.
By minimising ground disturbance during construction, Dura-Base reduces remediation works required after completion of the project. This may assist with the fulfilment of IS v2.0 Rso-2 & Rso-3 credits.

Dura-Base are reusable over multiple sites and projects. They are made of HDPE which are 100% recyclable after the expected lifecycle of over 15 years under standard use conditions. This may assist projects aiming to fulfill IS v2.0 Rso-1, Rso-4, Rso-5 & Rso-6 credits.

Methodologies using Dura-Base may minimise earthworks and ground preparations required. Laying down Dura-Base mats does not generate dust compared to the installation and top up of crushed rock pads. They also act as a layer of dust suppression which may contribute towards IS v2.0 Env-4 & IS v1.2 Dis-4 credits.

Dura-Base enable projects the option to build reusable roadways and working platforms with minimal ground disturbance. Use of this iSupply listed solution may help achieve innovation points under IS v2.0 IC-4 & IS v1.2 IC-8 credits.

Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Dis-4 , Mat-1 , Was-1 , Was-2

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