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Energy Advisory Services and Electrical Engineering


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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Dis-5 , Ene-1 , Ene-2 , Mat-1 , Mat-2


With an enviable reputation for enabling renewable energy projects – forged in Australia’s iconic Snowy Mountains Hydro project of 1949 – SMEC Australia remains a leader of innovation in the renewables market today. SMEC has environmental, engineering and energy advisory services that enables environmentally sustainable renewable energy projects across Wind, Solar and Hydro. As an advocate for cost-saving, sustainable energy solutions, SMEC assists large energy users with renewable energy offsets to the grid. SMEC’s Energy Advisory services business spans the full energy value-chain from power generation, high-voltage transmission, distribution and end-customer connection, to energy procurement, demand-side management and waste-to-energy. SMEC currently assists clients across mining, infrastructure, oil and gas, manufacturing, utilities, government, retail and transportation. Our engineers put the smartest cost-saving renewable energy solutions within easy reach of major businesses, industry and communities. We undertake grid connection feasibility assessments and lead or support project engineering during construction. SMEC assists local councils with energy-saving LED upgrades to public lighting and compliance with AS4282 intrusive lighting standards. SMEC’s effective project delivery is built on many years of experience and deep commitment to knowledge sharing and training, making SMEC a preferred partner of businesses and government.

Sustainability Outcomes

Using SMEC’s professionals in the renewable generation, lighting design and energy advisory services may help your project or asset achieve ISv1.2 Ene-1, Ene-2 and Dis-5. SMEC may also help you achieve ISv2.0 Ene-1, Ene-2 and Env-5. Our engineering professionals have direct access to SMEC’s environmental and sustainability professionals and a world-class pool of engineers with experience across road, rail, water and energy (including renewable) infrastructure.

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