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Community and Stakeholder Engagement / Social (Resilience) Analysis


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IS v1.2 Dis-1 , Dis-2 , Dis-3 , Dis-4 , Dis-5 , Hea-1 , Sta-1 , Sta-2 , Sta-3 , Sta-4


SMEC Australia scopes, designs and delivers community and stakeholder consultation programs with the understanding that effective, flexible and targeted engagement is critical to achieve a social licence to operate, thereby minimising risk. A leader in digital innovation, SMEC offers clients the option of digital platforms that seamlessly collaborate with, inform and involve stakeholders, with feedback automatically collated within a project database. SMEC is adept at assessing the levels of engagement required (inform, consult, involve, collaborate or empower), identifying issues, risks and community sentiment. SMEC’s in house Social Scientists provide detailed social analysis to determine the social value and social risks associated with infrastructure projects. A key element of these analyses is the assessment of the social resilience and vulnerability of communities. Having delivered a multitude of infrastructure assessments for clients such as Building Queensland, SMEC’s Social Scientists provide a depth of experience in the definition and analysis of indicators which describe the relative vulnerability of populations to shocks, the enhanced resilience provided by infrastructure options and the social impacts associated with the failure of such infrastructure.

Sustainability Outcomes

Using SMEC Australia’s sustainability and environmental professionals may help your project or asset achieve v1.2 and v2.0 Sta-1, Sta-2, Sta-3 through strategy development, community and stakeholder engagement plan, invitation to have your, community newsletter, community update. SMEC Australia’s engagement professionals are fully compliant with the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) spectrum of public participation. With direct access to a world-class pool of social scientists, environmental experts and engineering designers with experience in road, rail, water and energy (including renewable) infrastructure, our communications and stakeholder engagement team positively links clients and communities to sustainably meet environmental compliance obligations. SMEC’s Social Scientists provide expertise in the analysis of the social value and resilience provided by infrastructure assets including the risks posed by climate and natural hazards. Blending a participatory approach with robust social science methodologies, SMEC is uniquely positioned to develop Resilience Plans (Res-1) which maximise the social value of infrastructure assets and risk assessments and treatments which mitigate risks associated with natural hazards and climate change (Res-2).

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