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Environmental Site Services


  • Product Type Environmental Management Services, Waste Management and Recycling



  • Company Name SMEC
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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Dis-1 , Dis-2 , Dis-3 , Dis-4 , Dis-5 , Lan-2 , Lan-3 , Was-1


SMEC Australia provides Environmental Site Services to enable fast and efficient project delivery across the full spectrum of industry, construction and infrastructure development. SMEC Environmental Site Services include remedial land contamination assessments, health risk assessments, remediation design and planning, remediation and validation works, asbestos clearance certificates, environmental monitoring, hazardous building material assessments, groundwater assessments and modelling, water quality monitoring and modelling. Our technical expertise and demonstrated team capability is built on many years of environmental management experience and deep ongoing commitment to team knowledge sharing and training, making SMEC a preferred environmental services partner for businesses and government agencies.

Sustainability Outcomes

Using SMEC Australia’s sustainability and environmental professionals may help your project or asset achieve ISv1.2 Dis-1 through the provision of environmental monitoring services, surface and groundwater modelling and the development of soil and water management plans. Our professionals also prepare material re-use and management plans that may help your project achieving v1.2 Lan-2, v2.0 Rso-2, v1.2 Was-1 and v2.0 Rso-4. Contaminated land services include contamination reporting and the preparation of remediation action plans. In addition, SMEC Australia’s sustainability and environmental professionals work closely with clients and communities in relation to the management of environmental compliance obligations and providing sustainable options wherever possible. Our professionals have direct access to internal engineering designers with experience in road, rail, water and energy (including renewable) infrastructure.

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