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Sustainability Management and Assessment


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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Cli-1 , Cli-2 , Ene-1 , Ene-2 , Hea-1 , Her-1 , Her-2 , Man-1 , Man-2 , Man-3 , Man-4 , Man-5 , Man-6 , Mat-1 , Mat-2 , Pro-1 , Wat-1 , Wat-2


SMEC Australia provides sustainability management and assessment services at every stage of the project life-cycle including the provision of Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professionals (ISAP). Our project experience, from 1949 to the present, embodies the evolution of sustainability management and assessment best practice and reflects SMEC’s determination to perpetually redefine sustainability across project design and delivery. SMEC’s services include Accredited Hydropower and Dam Sustainability Assessors under the International Hydropower Association. Our ongoing commitment to team knowledge and sharing and training, makes SMEC a preferred sustainability management and assessment services partner for your business and government agencies.

Sustainability Outcomes

Using SMEC Australia’s sustainability and environmental professional’s may assist your project or asset to achieve ISv1.2 Man-1 and ISv2.0 Lea-1 through the development of sustainability policies, sustainability strategies and sustainability management plans. We can advise how to go above and beyond mitigating negative impacts to implementing restorative initiatives which create a net positive benefit for the community and environment. Additionally, we can assist to achieve v1.2 Man-2 or v2.0 Lea-2 by assessing and developing a register of the environmental and social risks. We can also assist to achieve Man-4 involving inspection and auditing. Our expertise in climate change, energy and carbon monitoring and reduction can also assist in delivering climate change studies, reports and risk registers, including direct and indirect climate change risks to the asset, and identifying options to reduce the level of risk through adaption measures to deliver ISv1.2 Cli-1, Cli-2 or ISv2.0 Res-2. We can also assist in producing an energy and carbon footprint report through monitoring and modelling of energy use and GHG emissions and identifying opportunities to reduce them to achieve ISv1.2 Ene-1 and ISv2.0 Ene-1. Experienced materials engineers can assist with life cycle assessments required to achieve ISv1.2 Mat-1 and ISv2.0 Rso-6.

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