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Water Engineering


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Applicable Credits

IS v1.2 Dis-1 , Lan-4 , Wat-1 , Wat-2


The SMEC Australia Water Resources team provides expert technical advice and guidance across the water engineering spectrum. Our diverse specialist team provides catchment management water modelling solutions, river modelling and flood plain investigations, dam modelling and assessments, integrated urban water modelling, construction water quantity and quality management plans and mine water quantity and quality management plans. Detailed urban design services focus on implementing the principles of liveable cities including pit, pipe and overland flow, detention and WSUD basins and stormwater management planning. We also routinely prepare specialist whole of water cycle studies. Examples include catchment runoff, uptake of pollutants in estuaries, infrastructure and urban development and drainage design. The team provides these solutions through innovative data analysis, investigations, modelling and hard and soft engineering solutions. Our capacity for effective project delivery is built on many years of experience and a deep ongoing commitment to team knowledge sharing and training, making SMEC a preferred services partner for businesses and government agencies.

Sustainability Outcomes

Using SMEC’s professionals may help your project or asset achieve ISv1.2 Wat-1 and Lan-4. SMEC may also help you achieve ISv2.0 Gre-1 through the design of rain gardens, biofiltration systems, rainwater harvesting and developing solutions to runoff, flood risk assessments. SMEC has in house experts in rainwater tanks and bio-filtration systems. Our engineering professionals have direct access to SMEC’s environmental and sustainability professionals and a world-class pool of engineers with experience across road, rail, water and energy (including renewable) infrastructure.

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