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Urban Heat Island Mapping


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Edge offers ecological advisory and urban cooling services as part of our Carbon and Climate Resilience business unit. Our projects range from conducting urban heat island mapping in support of individual infrastructure projects, through to helping local councils justify the business case for trees and other urban cooling solutions to reduce the urban heat island effect.

We support the development of green infrastructure plans by conducting the associated urban heat island mapping to measure ecological value; and to help in the quantification of hotspots and heat islands. Our analysis uses global best practice techniques and approaches, together with leading knowledge and technologies, allowing us to deliver a high quality, cost-effective service.

Sustainability Outcomes

A key driver of urban heat is the “urban heat island effect” which refers to urban areas being hotter than their non-urban counterparts due to less green cover (e.g., trees) and higher proportions of built, impervious cover. Having an in-depth understanding of how our urban habit interacts with the natural environment surroundings can ultimately lead to better planning and decision-making capabilities for designers and engineers.

Our services are intended to support clients targeting credits within the Green Infrastructure category within ISv2.0 Gre-1, including completion of the related credit summary form. The piloting of the ISv2.0 Green Infrastructure category is also an Innovation Challenge under ISv1.2. For more information on what Innovation Challenges can offer your project, please visit the ISCA website.

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