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Whole of Life Cost Analysis


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Edge is one of Australia’s leading proponents of Whole of Life (WoL) cost analysis. Our projects range from WoL cost analysis in support of individual infrastructure projects, through to the use of WoL approaches to inform the development of organisation-wide sustainability standards.

Within the IS framework, we offer a range of WoL services. This includes WoL costing for project initiatives and the independent review of WoL calculations. Our analysis draws on a wide array of previous projects and initiatives, allowing us to deliver a high quality, cost-effective service.

Sustainability Outcomes

Sustainability initiatives should be prioritised based on their whole of life costs and benefits. Using WoL analysis provides an understanding of the true costs and benefits of an initiative over an asset’s lifetime.

Our WoL costing services are intended to support clients targeting credits within the Options Assessment and Business Case category within ISv2.0 Ecn-4, including the completion of related credit summary forms. WoL costing can also contribute to the Innovation Challenge under ISv1.2 IC-2. For more information on what Innovation Challenges can offer your project, please visit the ISCA website.

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