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Member Profile: Alium Works

Friday, 9 August 2019


“Alium Works is a leading organisation in placing career-minded Australians from all walks of life onto the path to success in rail and infrastructure, fuelled by the firm belief that our industry should remain attuned to the evolving societal issues of the now. Through our range of offered courses, accreditations and cadetships, we are underlining and highlighting the necessity for diversity and inclusion, as it expands our collective consciousness and strengthens the ties that bind us.

It is therefore no surprise that in addition to meaningful diversity and inclusion, a proactive approach to sustainability is of the utmost importance to Alium Works. Due to the fact that construction is such a vital aspect of the infrastructure industry, there exists an endless amount of potential for us to move with the times and set an example by adopting sustainable practices and working with sustainable materials. The misconception is that sustainability is limiting; that having to adhere to its conventions somehow stifles productivity or restricts freedoms – when in reality, the exact opposite is true.

When we take to the day-to-day and the days to come with sustainability in mind, we tap into a creativity that is directly linked to our humanity. That creativity is one that factors in our past slips and our future generations, not to mention the longevity and life of this giant rock we call Earth. Partnering with ISCA was a natural extension of this creativity, as their philosophies and dreams for the future align with ours. One day and hopefully one day soon, as more and more organisations join this planet-conscious revolution, we’ll no longer need to label a practice or product as ‘sustainable’, as it will be a given, a prerequisite – and the norm.

We thank ISCA for representing this movement towards positive change and we will continue to endorse sustainability as the only way forward for the industry we all know, love and call home.”

For more information please visit the Alium Works website:

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