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New D&AB Scorecard: Benefits and Features

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

New D&AB Scorecard: Benefits and Features

The new ISv1.2 D&AB scorecard is of similar platform and complements the version developed for ISv1.2 Operations and of the same reporting functionality. The following are the top benefits and features:

Improved information integration – Credit summary forms are embedded in the scorecard. This aids assessors in collating more readily accessible forms, rather than standalone files.

Reduced document handling – ‘Must’ statements are clearly laid out in each credit form; highlighting essential aspects to be addressed without the need to regularly reference the comprehensive technical manual. The scorecard captures both Australia and New Zealand credit points.

Streamlined project/rating management – The scorecard will enable progress to be easily tracked and aid in effective and precise reporting. This can assist with managing open tasks, flag action items and monitor risks.With overarching information centralised, rapid review and solution seeking can occur across team members. Improved decision-making and ultimate outcomes will result through directed planning of activity to achieve IS rating score/goals.

Automated data consolidation – If scorecards are filled out completely and accurately, case studies may be easily derived with the cost /benefit analysis feature of the scorecard. This further promotes value based discussions regarding infrastcuture sustainability.

New functionality:

Weightings Tab prompts a warning if Alt Mat Score is filled in with no justification being provided.

Assessor Tracking Tab calculates Working Level Points when the status of the credit is complete.

Credit Summary Form – Assessor Tracking section up to 5 action items can be listed by Assessor to address the credit. This links to a summary Actions Tab to help track team members’ assignments, status and deadlines.

The latest version was released 21 February 2018 with major updates.

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