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Adbri is a leading construction materials manufacturing company. We produce cement, lime, concrete, aggregates and masonry products which are essential materials for the projects that are Building a Better Australia. We manufacture and supply products through our strong local brands including; Adbri Cement, Adbri Concrete, Hy-Tec Concrete, Adbri Quarries and Adbri Masonry.

We have a goal of net zero emissions by 2050, and by delivering against our Roadmap actions of reducing emissions, creating lower carbon products, and collaborating, we are supporting customers in the transition to a lower carbon future.

Sustainable solutions

We help asset owners and constructors meet their project goals through innovative products, technical expertise and an open, collaborate approach to achieving complex sustainability requirements. We’re experienced, capable and have a proud history of delivering for our customers.

• We manufacture Australia’s lowest embodied carbon Type GP cement.
• We produce EvoCem™ low carbon cement. This innovative Type GL cement reduces the embodied carbon of cement by up to 8%, while providing equivalent performance to Type GP cement. EvoCem™ complies with AS3972, AS1379 and AS3600. With EvoCem™, Adbri have launched Australia’s first Type GL cement with proven performance in concrete.
• We are pioneers in the use of alternative fuels, supporting the circular economy by using construction waste as fuel in our Birkenhead calciner.
• We offer Futurecrete® low carbon concrete. This range uses supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) to lower the embodied carbon of concrete.
• Our products are backed by independently verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) covering our cement, lime, concrete and select masonry products. We also have a verified bespoke EPD calculator to create custom EPDs for projects and new products.

Contributing to a safe, healthy and sustainable future for Australians, our communities and the environment is a fundamental part of Adbri’s culture. We leverage our national footprint, domestic production and strong, local teams to partner with customers in the mining, energy, construction, infrastructure and residential sectors. We believe in doing business responsibly; keeping our people and communities safe; meeting the needs of our customers; and creating long-term value.

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