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Black Stump’s purpose is Smart, Green Power for a Better Planet.

We are an award-winning, Australian-based, sustainable technology company.

In the infrastructure sector Black Stump is the market leader and industry standard in providing renewable energy technology to replace diesel power generation.Our renewable energy UPS units are 100% reliable, save 90% of CO2 emissions at less than half the cost of BAU diesel generated site power.

Our technology is providing such outcomes in several countries:Black Stump operates throughout Australia and globally.

Sectors in which we operate include Infrastructure, Aid & Development, Disaster Relief, Events, Agriculture and Remote Communities.

Black Stump Technologies’ mobile solutions assist companies to lessen their environmental impact, empower individuals and communities to change their economic and social circumstances and support organisations seeking to support people in times of their greatest need.

Our technology solutions enable us to provide rapidly deployable, sustainable infrastructure solutions to the issues of energy, refrigeration, clean water, food hygiene, sanitation, medical storage and cold-supply-chain.