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The POLYROK® Story

POLYROK® is the outcome of decades of thinking, experimentation, research and bold leadership. It results from the collaboration between organisations, businesses, innovators, government representatives, researchers, consumers, philanthropic supporters and recyclers. For more than 7 years, POLYROK® has been tested and proven in Australia, a market with some of the strictest standards on Earth. POLYROK® is currently the only recycled plastic aggregate that meets the Australian standard for concrete structures and has approval for use in VicRoads projects.

For Generations to Come Beyond saving plastic from being wasted and damaging our environment, using POLYROK® reduces our impact on national infrastructure and saves lives.
It also reduces humanity’s reliance on the world’s finite natural resources and means fewer habitats need to be destroyed to generate the materials required to build. The use of POLYROK® makes projects more profitable, it makes finished applications better, it makes work easier and it promotes innovation within the circular economy – unlocking ESG targets, research grants and access to new markets. POLYROK® also helps to generate conversations that inspire people with hope for a sustainable, healthy and exciting future, for generations to come.