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SiteHive transforms how people manage environmental compliance. It harnesses modern technology to deliver real-time environmental management that’s not only easy, but delivers dramatic time and cost savings.

From setting up on site, all the way through to event management and reporting, SiteHive makes things easier on every level. Multi-sensor monitors provide continuous, live information. SiteHive cloud software presents the data in easy-to-understand graph and image formats, delivering continuous insight into what’s happening on site.

SiteHive delivers the information people need to keep teams safe, prevent stop works, build community trust, and minimise environmental impact. All while keeping costs low.

SiteHive is used on Federal infrastructure, State-significant and private development projects in industries including aviation, rail, road, commercial property and more. It’s trusted by all the Tier 1 contractors across Australia and NZ, as well as many more contractors and consultants of all sizes, to deliver projects on time and within budget.

SiteHive is environmental management for the issues people have to deal with today.

IS Projects

  • M80
  • North East Link
  • Monash Freeway
  • Level Crossing Removal Projects
  • Western Sydney Airport



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