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ZIGer Energy provides most advanced energy storage and power quality solutions for utilities and critical applications.

As the strategic partner of VYCON, the USA-based world-leading flywheel technology company, we have been providing flywheel-based solutions for ANZ region and the beyond.

The green, safe and proven flywheel system has 20 years’ life and can run 2 million cycles, with zero cooling requirements and minimal maintenance. It has very unique characteristics – high power, high frequency and ultra-fast responding, which makes it particularly suitable for such scenarios as grid stability, emergency power backup, dynamic power supply and shock load smoothing.

The addition of the flywheel system to many different assets will improve their operational reliability and financial economics and meanwhile reduce carbon emission. It has been highly proven in a range of applications such as micro-grid, national power system, port, airport, metro, hospital, data centre, casino, broadcasting, space and advanced manufacturing.

We have been incubating other most advanced energy storage solutions as well.