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Name IS Foundations
Duration 1.5 hours
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This short course explores the impacts of sustainable infrastructure and the tools, resources and practices used to achieve them.


Delivered as a fully online digital package, IS Foundations introduces the framework and components behind the IS rating Scheme and explore a sustainability mindset including industry examples of sustainability outcomes.

IS Foundations can be completed in isolation or as an introduction to one of our more advanced courses.

A great resource for sustainability onboarding, project wide sustainability awareness and sustainability capability building across your organisation.

Course content

IS Foundations provides a detailed explanation of the drivers behind an infrastructure Sustainability as well as critical factors of implementing an IS rating. For sustainability professionals, IS Foundations is an introductory pathway into capabilities such as sustainability leadership and IS accreditation.

Module 1 Introduction to Infrastructure Sustainability

  • What is Infrastructure Sustainability?
  • Who are the Infrastructure Sustainability Council?
  • What is the Infrastructure Sustainability Ratings Scheme?

Module 2 - Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Schemes

  • Quadruple bottom line metrics.
  • Sustainability mindset.
  • Case Studies.
  • Rating Process.

Module 3 - Key components of Infrastructure Sustainability

  • Key roles
  • ISAP resources
  • Mandatory processes overview

Learning objectives

Module 1 Intro to Infrastructure Sustainability

  • Identify principles of sustainable infrastructure
  • Recall the purpose of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council
  • Describe ISC tools which drive sustainable outcomes for the Infrastructure industry

Module 2 Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Schemes

  • Identify the quadruple bottom line metrics of the IS rating scheme
  • Describe how sustainability initiatives create good business cases
  • Provide examples so sustainability outcomes
  • Outline the IS Rating process

Module 3 Key components of an IS Rating

  • Describe the responsibilities of those involved in an IS rating
  • Identify resources available for use by an IS accredited professional
  • Summarise the mandatory process for establishing a rating


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