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Adelaide Metropolitan Passenger Rail Network (AMPRN)

Project Details

  • Project Owner: Keolis Downer Adelaide (KDA)
  • Rating Type: Operation
  • Location: SA
  • Stakeholders: Keolis Downer Adelaide (KDA),South Australia Public Transport Authority


Ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, industry peers, passengers, the broader community, and the environment in which we operate, is at the heart of all we do at Keolis Downer Adelaide (KDA). We have the privilege of providing sustainable train transport services to the people of Adelaide and we take this responsibility seriously. The opportunity to pursue an IS Operations rating will showcase how we are implementing a sustainability culture across the workplace and to the community of Adelaide.


Keolis Downer Adelaide (KDA) is the proud operator of the Adelaide Metro train services.

KDA is partnering with the South Australian Government to deliver enhanced train services and increase the use of public transport in South Australia.
The AMPRN carries over 15 Million passengers every year across 6 rail lines which consists of 132km of track, 89 stations, including 9 heritage listed stations, 125 platforms using 70 diesel rail cars and 22 electric trains.


KD Adelaide Station-140LR Hero;
KD Adelaide Station-27LR;
KD Adelaide Station-83LR;
KD Adelaide Station-1LR;
KD Adelaide Station-10LR;

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