Bruce Highway Interchange Upgrades - Maroochydore Rd & Mons Rd - ISCouncil

Bruce Highway Interchange Upgrades – Maroochydore Rd & Mons Rd

Project Details

  • Rating Type: As Built
  • Location: QLD
  • IS Project manager: Siddharth Bishnoi
  • Stakeholders: WSP ,John Holland Seymore Whyte Joint Ventre ,TMR


Upgrades to the Marrochydore Road and Mons Road interchanges on the Bruce Highway near Forest Glen and associated infrastructure works. The design does not include any changes to the current provision of 4 traffic lanes (2 each way) on the Bruce Highway at this location. The Bruce Highway Interchange Upgrades - Maroochydore Road and Mons Road Project will improve traffic safety and efficiency in the whole precinct and enhance the transport network's resilience.

The project will: 

  • Improve network efficiency by using capacity upgrades and maximising existing infrastructure use. 
  • Address current and emerging safety issues, in particular the high crash rate at the Maroochydore Road Interchange overpass and Mons Road Intersections.
  • Address community access and amenity issues, including improving bicycle and pedestrian access, connectivity and overall safety.
  • Improve the separation of local and regional traffic.
  • Provide value-for-money infrastructure.
  • Provide a project that can be further upgraded in future, when traffic needs demand.
  • Protect the integrity of the Bruce Highway as a key component of the National Highway Network, and a freight route between Brisbane and Cairns. 

Project Highlights

Climate Change Adaption - Cli-2

The project achieved a level 3 score of 4.15 points for this credit. 

 The BHIUMM Climate Adaptation Plan (CAP) outlines the climate risk assessment and proposed adaptation measures for the various identified risks. Key treatment measure for high risks include:  

  • Geotech assessment considering reactive subgrades.  Addressed in conventional design practices.  
  • Eudlo creek culverts designed to include debris deflectors.  Culverts sized for the climate scenario RCP 4.5 
  • Agreed afflux criteria in design basis report. Afflux has been reported against. Addressed through design in flood modelling. Future Proofing for barriers on highway. Allowance for future adaptation.  

Ecology - Eco-2

The project achieved a level 3 score of 3.74 points for this credit. Mitigation measures including Fauna Sensitive Road Design strategies and fauna crossing infrastructure have been identified for the BHIUMM Project in order to maintain and enhance wildlife connectivity, particularly for threatened Spotted-tail Quoll and Koala species.  

The following fauna sensitive design strategies have been formally incorporated within the BHIUMM Project design: 

Northern wildlife corridor:  

  • Fauna underpass (1.5-meter diameter tunnel)  
  • Underpass furniture (where possible)  
  • Directional fauna fencing  

Central wildlife corridor:  

  • Maintenance and enhancement of existing fauna under-bridge crossing   
  • Directional fauna fencing   
  • Revegetation works to maintain and enhance fauna passage under the Eudlo Creek bridges  
  • Conventional stream bank revegetation to maintain and enhance   

Southern Wildlife Corridor  

  • Fauna exclusion fencing and road furniture   
  • Installation of Koala crossing signage and a reduction in road speed  

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