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Bruce Highway Upgrade (Caboolture to Steve Irwin Way)

Project Details

  • Rating Type: Design
  • Location: QLD
  • IS Project manager: Siddharth Bishnoi
  • Stakeholders: Jacobs & SMEC ,Acciona Construction Australia,TMR


Upgrade to the Bruce Highway between Caboolture-Bribie Island Road Interchange and Steve Irwin Way (south) interchange from four to six lanes. This involves upgrades to the mainline carriageway with associated upgrades to interchange ramps and five major bridges. The purpose of the asset is to facilitate passenger and freight transport along the Highway. The upgrade is necessary to improve flood immunity and to deliver safety improvements including shoulder and pavement widening, median improvements, and vertical alignment improvements.

Project Highlights

Water - Wat-1

The project achieved a level 3 score of 5.50 for this credit. 

The Project achieved a reduction in water demand of 19.9%. The key construction initiative that led to this reduction was the use of a binder for dust suppression which is expected to reduce the watercart runs by ~50%. 

Climate Change Adaption - Cli-2

The project achieved a level 3 score of 4.07 for this credit. 

Key risk treatments included: 

  • Use of electronic messaging signs and continued social media warnings to convey weather hazard information. Design road elevation to provide flood immunity at 1% AEP event plus CC (average RCP4.5/8.5) plus 10% blockage.  Shoulders are 3.0m wide to allow for emergency pull overs 
  • Fencing and signage located above the road elevation on embankment. No noise walls are proposed for the project. Road elevation designed to 1% AEP plus CC plus 10% blockage of bridges. 
  • Bridge design for 1% AEP event plus CC (average RCP4.5/8.5) plus 10% blockage (Note: blockage assessment at the bridges show little increase in flood level). ITS has surface state sensors to monitor conditions on the road. Rainfall, wind and flood monitors. TMR update of VMS/VSLS/RC road signage based on ITS data. 

Urban and Landscape Design - Urb-1

The project achieved a level 3 score of 4.89 for this credit. 

Key initiatives that led to this score as outlined in the Landscape Revegetation and Urban Design Report include:  

  • Adopt a continuity of the Bruce Highway Upgrade character as established in the Bruce Highway Upgrade Caloundra to Sunshine Motorway Stage.  
  • Provide Bio-retention and water quality basins to aid in the reduction of pollutant run off into natural waterways.  
  • Encourage the reestablishment of habitat connectivity through dry fauna ledges, fauna rope ladder crossings and fauna fences.  
  • Elevate visibility of green infrastructure (fauna rope ladder crossing and bio-retention and water quality basins) to educate the adverse impacts of road infrastructure on the ecological functions.  
  • Revegetate as much of the areas disturbed by construction activities subject to the safety of motorway operations to aid ecosystem services such as shade cover and visual amenity.  
  • Revegetate with selective species to encourage establishment success and reduce the need for maintenance intervention to provide safer and more sustainable roadside environments.  

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